Getting into Gymnastics...

In case you were wondering when did my relationship with gymnastics started? It all started back on 2013, when we decided to sign up our 2 years old girl to Tumblers Gymnastics. After that, it has been a daily journey driving her back and forward from the gym to home. Then her little brother joined this journey at the age of 18 months and it hasn't stopped since then.

Now both my kids are part of the WAG and MAG competitive teams at Tumblers, our second home! 

  My daughter's zoom training during the pandemic 
Both leotard and leggings are Mimossa's, therefore I can assure you what we make is gymnast proof! :)
My son following his big sister's passion, also with one of our leotards zoom training during the pandemic.






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  • Lily Snow

    Hi! I’m 12 years old and in competitive gymnastics, my mom orders gymnastics leggings and leotards all the time for me! These are great they fit perfectly and they are so comfortable and easy to move in! I love them so much I would highly recommend thank you for making them for us!!

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