Meet Mimossa!

What does Mimossa mean? and what does it have to do with sewing activewear?

Mimossa is the name of the teddy bear my aunt gave me for my 7th birthday. But why the name? is definitely not related to "Mimosa" the name given to a drink! :). To me, "Mimossa" was the name I gave to my teddy bear when I was 7, which comes from combining the words in Spanish: Mi Osa (My bear) and I decided back then to combine it as Mimossa :).

But why using the name of my old teddy bear for my brand? Well, because my first customer ever was Mimossa, the first garment I sew when I was a child was something for her. The other reason why is because Mimossa has been with me my entire life.. on the most beautiful, exciting and challenging times in my life :).

Now you have met the reason behind the name and why it matters so much to me, Mimossa is not just a brand name, it is a dream.. a journey!

Mimossa Mimossa Designs Activewear Custom Made Garments to Size

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